Our Aggregator Services are Unique:

  • Leads are generated by advertising the products being offered. No bait and switch, or similar techniques are used to generate leads.
  • Our company does not sell a lead to any other party except to the client for whom the lead was generated.
  • The price per lead depends upon the  quality level of the leads requested and is dependent upon the client's location and level of brand advertising.  Call for a quote. 
  • Upon full payment of services rendered, clients have no cancelation fees in the event they wish to discontinue our services.
  • A senior lead generation manager will be assigned to each client to answer any questions related to our services, and will be available to assist clients achieve their desired productivity goals for leads we generate.

Other Services

Aside from the company's expertise in lead generation, our advertising manager has over thirty years managing TV and Radio advertising budgets up to $4 million each, and the company has developed unique monitoring software that identifies the performance of each TV or Radio show purchased each month.

Other marketing services are available upon request.

Our Leads Store

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